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About the coach

Hi, I'm Noah! 

I am a business and life alignment coach for professionals looking to improve performance and work-life balance. I help business professionals discover more about their Authentic Self. Did you ever notice that difficult tasks feel easier or the good kind of stress when it's something you're passionate about or love to do?  Finding one's Authentic Self is the key to helping you better perform in your current role or to uncover the the right place in the world for you to be however you define successful.

The process I use, I call The Authenticity Incubator


The Authenticity Incubator is an optimal environment in which growth and maturity can occur in an individual's congruence between their actions and their beliefs/desires, despite external pressures.

The purpose of the Authenticity Incubator is to attract opportunities of wealth and ease by bringing individuals closer to their Authentic Selves through coaching, assessments, self-reflectionand consultations

External obstacles like time, energy, experience, relationships, and resources can be overcome through clarity of intent, awareness of limitations, and a deeper understanding of personal and professional values

We offer a variety of services to support your journey of authenticity including: individual coaching, team coaching and training, personality assessments (and guided interpretation), and consultations

Noah Borgen's qualifications: Noah Borgen has over 10 years of business and leadership development experience. He holds certifications and training from a variety of business, coaching, and HR organizations including the College of Executive Coaching, Certified Expert Coach from the Association of Talent Development, the Human Resources Certification Institution, Gallup StrengthsFinder, Hogan Assessments, Workplace Appreciation, among others. Noah holds an Executive MBA from Villanova University and is currently completing a Doctorate of Business Administration with a focus on business relationship training. 

Beyond coaching and learning skills, Noah has nearly 10 years of procurement experience in nearly all areas of indirect spend. 

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