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Coaching Services

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Individual Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires individuals to maximize their potential by creating a safe space to explore ideas and accountability for their personal and professional goals. 

Coaching for transition or promotion is an important step in an individual's journey to discover one's place in their world and can provide significant improvements in one's life. 


Coaching for performance improves awareness and responsibility. Every great athlete has a coach, and executives, medical professionals, and other high performing positions are realizing that performance without coaching can only take you so far. 

Individual coaching packages can be booked for 3, 6, or 12 month blocks. Coaching for transition or promotion tend to opt for 6 or 12 month packages while performance coaching varies per person. 

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Authentic Leader - Executive Coaching is a an exploration and responsive process to inspire leaders to look closely at their leadership impact and presence. Executives are asked to hold themselves and their teams to a higher standard than ever before. Authenticity in approach has proven to be a longer lasting and more positive legacy impact. 

Authentic Leadership is an approach to leadership that emphasizes building the leader's legitimacy through honest relationships with followers which value their input and are built on an ethical foundation. Generally, authentic leaders are positive people with truthful self-concepts who promote openness.

Executive coaching packages can be booked for 6, 12, or 18 month blocks. 


Team Coaching is a collaborative facilitation that inspires teams to leverage each other to maximize their potential by creating a safe space to explore ideas and accountability for their mission and team and individual goals. 

Team Coaching is generally followed up by at least 2 individual coaching sessions with each participant and often includes 1 or more individual discovery sessions with the team leaders and key members of the team.


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We have access to a multitude of assessments in our Authenticity Incubator process including Myers Briggs (MBTI), StrengthsFinder, Hogan, Workplace Appreciation, DiSC, 360, and others. We also have the ability to use assessments you've taken elsewhere or on your own. 

Our Team Coaching sessions like to utilize StrengthsFinder and Workplace Appreciation to encourage optimal team alignment and communication. If you prefer another assessment for your team coaching, please contact us to discuss.  

Business Meeting

Consulting can be done in conjunction with coaching or on it's own. The topics on consultation available generally center around team building, coaching, authenticity, and development, but the Authenticity Incubator team has a variety of experiences it can tap into to provide value to you and your company. Reach out today and find out what areas of support Authenticity Incubator can provide. 

Consulting projects generally have a minimal fee of $1,000 USD and total vary by project and effort. 

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